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Beauty Care

Improve the Feel and Looks of Skin, Hair & Fingernails

Beauty Care

Modern Gelatin


Collagen has been used in cosmetic products for many years for effectively improving the feel and looks of skin, hair and fingernails.

However, there is now a new internal application – and one with a more sustainable effect. For collagen makes up some 30 % of the total protein in the human body. It occurs especially in connective tissue. Its enormous tensile strength has a positive effect on the skin; this becomes evident when taken in conjunction with products containing the new Muslim International collagen protein HALAL GELATIN® where the skin becomes tighter and smoother. Products containing HALAL GELATIN® also help to delay the natural aging process of connective tissue.

HALAL GELATIN® opens up completely new possibilities for the development of innovative new cosmetic products. The natural protein can be used to supplement all types of foodstuffs: liquids, solids, film-coated tablets, beauty drinks, and instant coffee and even chocolate.

In 2009, neutral cosmetics generated a worldwide turnover of some 2.1 billion dollars; by 2015 this is expected to increase to 5.62 billion dollars.

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