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Policies at Halal Gelatin

A clean label ingredient with long tradition and values





We do select only non-contaminated material from the origins with our modern facilities and experienced technicians. Finally, a stringent cross-testing program is permanently carried out, taking the opportunity of the strong HALAL GELATIN PVT. LTD. network of our Quality Control laboratories to continuously monitor and detect any such deviation. For Instance, we are seriously taking into consideration to import even the Halal raw material from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is the biggest Halal raw material producer in the world to ensure that good quality control and consistent Halal production is supplied to our customers all the time.



HALAL GELATIN PVT. LTD. commits itself to conduct its business activity in a way that it protects the invaluable global environment and contribution to the society in the pursuit of Human-friendly and eco-friendly manufacturing activities.

We will strive to:
  • Establish environmental objectives and targets and review them for continuous improvement.

  • Innovate eco-friendly products that require less energy and reduces waste.

  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.

  • Participate in environmental conservation activities in conjunction with our local communities.

  • Openly communicate our environmental policy and practices to enhance the environmental awareness of employees.

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