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Largest Gelatin Manufacturer in Pakistan

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Collagen: The Secret Protein that's already present in our bodies

Halal Gelatin Applications

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Pharmaceutical Industry

HALAL GELATIN® Gelatin has been used for decades as an indispensable incipient in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gelatin Fit For Human Consumption


High Quality Products

A vector to represent that Halal Gelatin serves High Quality Product



A Halal vector to represent that Halal produts are delivered from Halal Gelatin


Mass Production

A vector to show that Halal Gelatin has Mass Production
Cupcakes visually symbolize gelatin's role: texture, stability, gloss, and versatility, effectively illustrating its hidden importance in baking.
Cherry to show the role of gelatin in confectionary industry

With state of the art laboratories and through continuous Research & Development, every grain of Gelatin is made with extra care and finest raw material. 

Sustainability, Quality and Environment.

  • Establish environmental objectives and targets and review them for continuous improvement.

  • Innovate eco-friendly products that require less energy and reduces waste.

  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.

  • Participate in environmental conservation activities in conjunction with our local communities.

Halal Gelatin

Halal Gelatin offers an extensive and unmatched portfolio of world-class gelatin, manufactured through state of the art operations. All our products meet the highest global quality and safety standards.

A picture showing Gelatin in raw form
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