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Gelatin For Skin And Hair: Let’s Be Beautiful

Amazing effects of gelatin powder on your health and beauty

What is Gelatin Powder?

Wikipedia says:

“Gelatin or gelatine is a translucent, colorless, flavorless food ingredient, derived from collagen taken from animal body parts. Brittle when dry and gummy when moist, it is also called hydrolyzed collagen, collagen hydrolysate, gelatin hydrolysate, hydrolyzed gelatin, and collagen peptides.”

Unflavored Gelatin contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. These amino acids provide various health and beauty benefits. Gelatin is literally made up of collagen. Yes, the same collagen is needed for youthful moisturized skin.

Gelatin Powder Uses for Face and Skin

Gelatin effect on skin are stupendous, whether you consume it or use it as face mask.

There are different ways to consume gelatin. You can add it to your broths and gravies or your smoothies and milkshakes. You can add it to your desserts and ice creams as well. Although it is not recommended if you are trying to lose weight.

My favorite way of consuming gelatin is in my morning tea. You have to bloom your gelatin in cold water first. Adding hot water to gelatin powder will turn into jelly and we don’t want jellied water, do we?

Take a teaspoon full of gelatin in a cup, add a splash of cold water and mix it well with a fork. Now pour your tea, mix, and enjoy. My favorite tea is green tea, you can use chamomile, peppermint, or whichever you like. You can also add some lemon juice drops and honey in it for flavor and added health benefits.

Make this a daily routine for at least 3 months. You will see your desired results, that is, beautiful younger-looking skin, as well as healthy hair growth, stronger and shinier nails. Not to forget strong bones.

Gelatin For Skin And Face Masks

  • Gelatin And Honey Face Mask:

Put one tablespoon gelatin powder in a microwave safe bowl, add two tablespoons of whole milk (you can add almond milk if you are vegan). Mix until the milk and gelatin takes the gooey goop like substance, microwave it for fifteen seconds, remove and check the temperature, it should be warm and neither hot or cold.

Add a teaspoon of honey in the mixture and mix well, till it has a goopy consistency again. Remember it is a peel off mask so don’t put it on sensitive area. Put it on your face or body and wait for fifteen minutes and then peel it off from down to up. Start from chin or jawlines.

  • Gelatin And Egg White Face Mask:

Put a tablespoon of unflavored gelatin in a cup and ass a splash of warm water, let it sit for 15 seconds. Whisk an egg white in a separate bowl and add it to gelatin. Do not mix it after adding egg white.

Apply this foamy mixture to your face or body, let it dry. Apply another layer, let it dry, and then apply again for the third and last time. Clean it thoroughly afterward, make sure there are no remains of the mask to avoid side effects.

  • Gelatin and Banana Face Mask:

Take a teaspoon of gelatin in a bowl or a cup and add some warm water to it. Then add mashed up ripe half banana and half a teaspoon of glycerin. Mix all the ingredients well and apply them to the body or face. Let it dry. This mask will not only hydrate and moisturize your skin but you will have glowing skin.

You can add any other fruit too in this mask instead of banana.

  • Gelatin And Olive Oil Face Mask:

Take a teaspoon of gelatin and add a little warm water to it. Add a teaspoon of olive oil and honey to the liquid gelatin. Mix them well. Apply to your body or face. Wait until it is dry. Now peel off the mask. This mask rejuvenates skin, removes fine lines and age spots.

Gelatin for Hair Growth.

As we have mentioned above, consuming gelatin for hair loss remedies is a great idea. You can also make hair masks from gelatin.

Add two tablespoons of milk in a bowl then add two tablespoons of powdered gelatin and wish well. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Now add two tablespoons full of your favorite hair conditioner to this concoction. Put it in your well combed, detangled hair. Wrap your hair with a towel for half an hour to 40 minutes. Wash off the mask and then shampoo your hair.


Your kitchen is your laboratory. Experiment with the ingredients that have worked well for you before. Don’t forget to do a test patch before applying masks to your face or hair.

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