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Bovine Gelatin Health Effects

Collagen: The Secret Protein that's already present in our bodies.

Collagen, a type of protein among the remaining protein that is present naturally in our body. All these proteins are very important and have many health factors. Collagen is a type of protein that is naturally present in our body. There are kinds of collagen, in which bovine collagen is the best choice and has many similar qualities to the collagen that is present in our bodies. We can somehow start to lose the amount as we grow up. The age factor is the only reason, sometimes hormonal change can also lead to the reduced collagen amount. Some other factors that decrease the quantity are:

  • Use of alcohol

  • Excessive use of drugs

  • Use of processed foods

  • White sugar increase the use

  • Use of hydrogenated oil

  • Increase exposure to sun and any other radiations

Some Medical reasons that reduce the amount are:

  • Dehydration

  • Nutritional deficits

  • Stress

  • Trauma

These are the reasons which somehow in our life spam, reduce the amount of collagen present. That’s why it is important to take collagen supplements from outside and balance the necessity of the amount required. There are many food items present in the world which has collagen as a source. Other than food materials, there are many collagen supplements available in the market to balance the required quantity needed for daily routine.

There are two types of collagen sources, one is Bovine collagen, which is also called beef gelatin. It is extracted from the bone, skin, and tissues of animal-like sheep and pigs. This type of collagen can be very important and can easily be got by making it in our home by using beef broth. It is a hydrolyzed naturally present collagen in cartilages, bones, and ligaments. It is very similar to the protein present in the human body but with the use of beef collagen, there come many restrictions for the Muslims, who don’t eat pig’s meat.

Bovine collagen has similar type I and types III collagen-like our bodies, these collagen has many importance, especially these collagen work best to improve the health of our skin, hairs, nails, bones, teeth. These collagen types, that is type I and type III result total make up the 90% of the entire collagen present.

Bovine collagen has many amino acids present in it, which are:

  • Glycine, an important protein which is necessary for DNA health. They are a genetic building material.

  • Creatine is collagen that results in healthy growth of muscles.

  • Proline, the collagen that itself helps the body to produce its collagen.

What are health benefits of Bovine Collagen

Even though it is extracted sometimes from the haram animal, there are many health benefits of bovine collagen. Because of their increase similarity with the collagen present in the body, they help a lot in the growth of nails, skin, tissues, and hairs mainly. Other medicinal uses of bovine collagen are:

  • It is used to treat osteoarthritis, a type of one disease which leads to bone deformation, mostly in a woman.

  • Also used to improve the health of the gut, stomach because of the less amount of stomach acid production.

  • It helps the muscle to repair itself. the tissues are also repaired with bovine collagen.

  • The main importance of bovine collagen is its skin health quality.

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